Toy Libraries in Australia

Education in Australia

Toy libraries in Australia are non-profit community organizations that rely solely on volunteers. There are more than 280 toy libraries in Australia that can be found in the local community halls or within some municipal libraries. These libraries are serving over 15,000 families in the country and the total amount of toys is estimated over $6.5 million worth. Though there is a small membership fee, toy libraries provide families with the access to quality toys, including Australian educational toys all year around.

It is true that there is a myriad of choices when it comes to toys today. That is why quite often families are overwhelmed with a clutter of toys at home. But if a family chooses attending toy library instead of buying new ones, it helps to assist child’s development, as well as to reduce the consumption.

The main aim of toy libraries in Australia is to encourage sustainable play by allowing families borrow toys instead of buying new ones. Also, toy libraries promote the importance of play in the early education of children.

Any toy library in Australia is a community collection of toys, cared and shared among different families. Such approach helps to provide families with a wide range of toys for their children early education, as well as to reduce the number of unneeded toys, reduce waste and environmental impact.

Toy libraries teach children the importance of reuse with the help of donation system that promotes the culture of sharing toys with other members of toy libraries. The reuse culture at young ages also promotes sharing economy.

The quality of toys is controlled by the library workers in order to provide children with high-quality and well-made toys. Also, toy libraries partly rely on voluntary effort to fix toys instead of throwing them away.